Bash custom action bhca

bash custom action bhca

Copy bash script to ~/Library/Application Support/SourceTree/. Go to SourceTree -> Preferences -> Custom Actions -> Add and fill custom action with parameters. Reason Core Security anti-malware scan for the file (SHA-1 BHCA. Description: BASH Custom Action. Version: MD5. CompanyName: Softinventive Lab Inc. ProductName: BHCA ProductVersion: FileDescription: BASH Custom Action. PEhash. The process known as Symantec Shared Component or AVG Configuration Management Application or BASH Custom Action belongs to software BHCA or AVG. This file belongs to product BHCA and was developed by company Symantec Corporation. This file has description BASH Custom Action. This is executable file . Solved: I want to set up a custom action to run a particular git command. I've tried putting "git" in the "script target", which.

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